The first model home, an expandable Cape, opened on Selma Drive in 1957. Like many Capes, this home had one finished floor with two bedrooms, the attic was capable of expansion with dormers, and there was a convenient outside shower. The style was pure 50's: wide-exposure asbestos siding, aluminum jalousie windows throughout, and dark wood panneling inside. The colors were all pastels, ranging from canary yellow, pistachio green, and bright pink, to name a few. Mass production methods were utilized to erect the homes efficiently.

The lots were all 50 feet wide along the lagoon and 80 feet deep running towards the street. Phase one featured 60 foot wide lots. Double lots and irregular lots were available along the bends and corners of the lagoon. In the 50's, waterfront lots with a house sold for $6,990, and financing of $66 a month was available.

Soon, additional models were added and the two-bedroom cape was dropped. The least expensive was the Sandpiper model, totaling $11,990. which was a 3 bedroom ranch. Keeping the same modern architectural style, the three bedrooms were arranged along the front of the house facing the street. Behind them was a single full bath, a kitchenette, and a living room. All interior spaces featured exposed rafter vaulted ceilings with rigid insulation on the roof. Base models featured a screened porch stretching completely across the back of the house, which was covered by a long, gently sloping roof. A common upgrade was to have the porch enclosed with jalousie windows. The home was completed with an outdoor shower, an option of either a wooden bulkhead or a wooden deck along the lagoon, and two young willow trees in the back yard.

The largest model available was the Continental Riviera, which sold for about $23,000 in the 1970s. Homes in East Point and Village Harbour were built in the typical 1980s Post-Modern style. Colony Lakes homes were Colonial representative. All homes built by Lincoln were reversed living homes, where the bedrooms were downstairs and the living spaces on the second floor.